T8SG Lite

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Jumper T8SG Lite 12 channel FrSky & Futaba S-FHSS Compatible radio with DeaviationTX

The latest addition to the Jumper T series of radios, the T8SG Lite features full range capabilities, 12ch output, FrSky And Futaba S-FHSS compatibility, DeviationTX Firmware, ultra low power consumption, USB Simulator function, Vibration alerts, Multi-language support, Telemetry support (receiver dependent) and more all in a compact form factor.

Unlock the capabilities of your models with the extra range and programmability of the T8SG Lite!

Open source multi-protocol firmware, Based on Deviation TX
Low cost and ultra-compact form factor
USB online firmware upgrade
Ultra-low power consumption, longer battery life
Up to 12 channels of output (depending on the receiver), Open Source Firmware, all channels are fully programmable
Multilingual menu: Yes
Vibration Alerts: Yes
Support telemetry (depending on the receiver): Yes
Accessories: Neck Strap included

Channels: 12ch (depending on the receiver)
Size: 138*162*38mm
Weight: 218g (without battery)
Battery: 4 * AA battery
Firmware: DeviationTX
Display: 1.7” LCD display
Gimbal Type: Joystick
Upgrade method: USB online upgrade
Simulator mode: 3.5mm standard ppm output or USB HID
Maximum Transmission Power: 0-150mw
Compatible protocol: FrSKY & S-FHSS

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